Texas Represent

Big shout out to all the Texas Filmmakers who are representing to the fullest. Thanks to Matt Dentler's blog for most of this info.

Kyle Henry's ROOM will premier at Sundance's Frontier Program. As will Luke Savinsky's FRONTIER 6.

The Jay Duplass film THE PUFFY CHAIR will premier at Sundance's American Spectrum.

Dallas' own Shane Carruth has been nominated for an Indie Spirit award for PRIMER. So has Bryan Poyser for DEAR PILLOW and Jonathan Caouette for TARNATION.

I wish them all luck and congrats for helping put Texas on the map. Us DEADROOM folks will be joining them in success soon and maybe they'll be writing about us in their blogs.

Not too much else to report at this juncture. I've been basking in the brilliance of Robert Altman as of late. The criterion release of Short Cuts is quite fabulous and I'm enjoying the second disk, which has a great feature length doc about the film among other things.

Oh yeah, as if anyone besides David and Yen read this, I'll go ahead and announce that DEADROOM is playing at the Angelika on Mondays December 13 and 27 at 7pm. I believe tickets are $8. Well worth the money I guarantee.