Suzy Prepares For A Dinner Party (Something Strange Happens)

I haven't seen much point to blogging lately. There's not a horrible amount of stuff to report. But for the sake of numbers I'll update. Even thought I haven't been writing on here I have indeed been writing. David and I are working on a new script that is coming along nicely. Last week we wrote 19 pages. This week we wrote 4. It happens you know. Sometimes it flows like blood from a gash and sometimes it flows like the stool of a heavy cheese eater. I also started another feature script. That seems to be a big problem with me as a writer. I keep starting scripts and not finishing them. However, I did write and finish a short script in about three hours last week. It was one of those ideas I woke up with and just went strait to my computer to write it. It's called "Suzy Prepares For A Dinner Party (Something Strange Happens)" I plan to shoot it sometime next year. I'm making the leap into morally ambiguous territory and shooting on 16mm. I plan on using the 4:3 aspect ratio. Which will be first for me so I'm excited about the composition possibilities.

Oh yeah, David put a clip from "The Knocker" online for me. Check it out.