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There and Back Again: A David Lowery Tale

Okay, I was planning on being the first person to release this info but xmas and yesterday (Spiral's busiest day since opening day) proved to be way too busy for me to find time to sit on a computer and write. So if you haven't heard already Deadroom has been selected to play at SXSW for 2005. This festival is the biggest and best festival in the region and one of the top 10 festivals in the nation. So needless to say we're excited to have this as our official World Premier.

From Austin to Berlin: I'm very elated to announce the illustrious David Patrick Lowery has been accepted into the Berlin Talent Campus. I've said it before, this guy is talented and hard working. He is a hell of a filmmaker and fully deserves it. So congrats my friend. Soon enough the coattails will be flapping and I'll be hanging on.

The final screening for Deadroom at the Texas Filmmakers Series at the Angelika was tonight. We had a good crowd that seemed to be into it. I'm still really proud of the project but I'm getting to the point of hating my segment. I know it's lame to say that because I don't REALLY hate it. I still love the acting, photography and generally everything about it but at the same time I just wish I would have done some things different with the story. I guess that kind of always happens though. I wonder if directors like Wes Anderson or Jim Jarmusch feel the same way about their past projects?
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Suzy Prepares For A Dinner Party (Something Strange Happens)

I haven't seen much point to blogging lately. There's not a horrible amount of stuff to report. But for the sake of numbers I'll update. Even thought I haven't been writing on here I have indeed been writing. David and I are working on a new script that is coming along nicely. Last week we wrote 19 pages. This week we wrote 4. It happens you know. Sometimes it flows like blood from a gash and sometimes it flows like the stool of a heavy cheese eater. I also started another feature script. That seems to be a big problem with me as a writer. I keep starting scripts and not finishing them. However, I did write and finish a short script in about three hours last week. It was one of those ideas I woke up with and just went strait to my computer to write it. It's called "Suzy Prepares For A Dinner Party (Something Strange Happens)" I plan to shoot it sometime next year. I'm making the leap into morally ambiguous territory and shooting on 16mm. I plan on using the 4:3 aspect ratio. Which will be first for me so I'm excited about the composition possibilities.

Oh yeah, David put a clip from "The Knocker" online for me. Check it out.
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Texas Represent

Big shout out to all the Texas Filmmakers who are representing to the fullest. Thanks to Matt Dentler's blog for most of this info.

Kyle Henry's ROOM will premier at Sundance's Frontier Program. As will Luke Savinsky's FRONTIER 6.

The Jay Duplass film THE PUFFY CHAIR will premier at Sundance's American Spectrum.

Dallas' own Shane Carruth has been nominated for an Indie Spirit award for PRIMER. So has Bryan Poyser for DEAR PILLOW and Jonathan Caouette for TARNATION.

I wish them all luck and congrats for helping put Texas on the map. Us DEADROOM folks will be joining them in success soon and maybe they'll be writing about us in their blogs.

Not too much else to report at this juncture. I've been basking in the brilliance of Robert Altman as of late. The criterion release of Short Cuts is quite fabulous and I'm enjoying the second disk, which has a great feature length doc about the film among other things.

Oh yeah, as if anyone besides David and Yen read this, I'll go ahead and announce that DEADROOM is playing at the Angelika on Mondays December 13 and 27 at 7pm. I believe tickets are $8. Well worth the money I guarantee.