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So a recent email announcing the line up for the Deep Ellum Film Festival started like this "The fiercely independent festival will open with the Texas Premiere of Kinsey..." Then a later email from them had this description: "Kinsey is remarkable: a star-studded, glossy Hollywood film about Alfred Kinsey..." Now lets fuse those sentences together: The fiercely independent festival will open with the Texas Premiere of Kinsey, a star-studded, glossy Hollywood film.

I think this pretty much sums up the reason why several local filmmakers, myself included, aren't exactly happy with what DEFF has to offer us. I fully understand that they are trying to raise money for a cause. Great, do that. But don't try to front like your "fiercely independent" when all you really care about is getting as many "celebrities" out to your festival and show as many hollywood or indie superstar films as possible while pushing local filmmakers (and truly indie film in general) to the back burner. This is why I consider the Dallas Video Festival far superior to DEFF. DVF has a true grasp on what it means to be independent and proves it every year with their wide range of local, national and international underground and avant-garde films.

Amy and I finally had a chance to see "Motorcycle Diaries." It was a great film, we both very much enjoyed it. It did leave us both feeling a bit melancholy about the state of the world. Things haven't changed a whole lot since then have they? There is still so much injustice in the world. Che fought and died for the cause of justice and now he's on a T-Shirt made by non-union child and slave labor in other countries. It all just makes me feel there is little hope for real change. We're all just biding time till the end.
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This past week has been very interesting. Starting on Thursday night Spiral Diner was visited by a couple of Indie Rock Stars. Conner Oberst (of Bright Eyes) and Jim James (of My Morning Jacket) came in with a crew of folks to have some dinner. I was actually sitting directly next to them and had no idea until Sarah (DJ of the Local Treasure show on KTCU ) came and informed Amy, David, and I of their presence. Anyway, apparently several of our employees are big fans of Conner so it was an exciting evening for them. But it didn't stop there. The next night, one of our employees who is a huge fan of Bright Eyes made and executed what he called a "master plan" to meet Conner. Basically he took some food and put it in a delivery bag and drove it to the concert. He actually got right in, got a hug from Conner and was able to tell him how much of an inspiration he is. Good for him. At first Conner mistook him for a general fan. But when Justin said "I have a delivery from Spiral Diner" Conner did an about face and with a full smile on his face came back to collect. That's right he loves the Spiral Diner. Then later that night the band placed a huge order for delivery so another one of our employees that's a huge fan got to deliver that with Curtis along for the ride. When the got there with the food they were greeted with open arms and rushed past all the shoegazers standing near the bus hoping to get a glimpse of their hero. Now those of you who know Curtis know that his presence is a social lubricant. So of course they got to go hang out on the tour bus and have a long conversation. Which at some point got around to Curtis telling his tall tales of Papa Curtis. Apparently the guys from My Morning Jacket want to make a movie about it now. Of course being the good friend the Curtis is he suggested Fort Worth's own Best Local Filmmaker to do the job.

On Sunday Amy, Curtis, David, and myself got to attend an amazing show thanks to one of Amy's best friends and former roommate in L.A., Daphne Chen. She's in the band The Section Quartet which was opening for Sam Phillips. Now, I've never seen hide nor hair of this wonderful artist before. I was absolutely blown away by her performance and I'm very excited about owning every single one of her albums (except the earlier ones when she was a Christian Rocker. Thank goodness T-Bone came around and got her out of that mess.) Daphne's band was amazing as well and if for some strange reason anyone in New York is reading this please go check out their show on Oct. 22 at the Mercury Lounge when they will play Radiohead's OK Computer in it's entirety.

Spiral got a review in the Star-Telegram on Friday. It was generally a good review. I mean they gave the food high marks. But, seriously how many times can you call us quirky. Blossom was quirky, we're just different or weird or interesting or something but we are not fucking quirky. On top of that her overt food snobbishness came tumbling out in statements complaining about how she had to get her own silverware, stating that we have extreme piercings and exposed body hair, and apparently we weren't excited enough to see her because she complained about our greeting style. I mean, we're here to make food for people as equals not servants. I am happy to say that she ended her article with this wonderful statement, "Better quirky than corporate." And that sentiment, no matter how frustrating the title quirky is, makes this review a good review overall. At least she recognizes what we're going for. I guess it'll take a while for Fort Worthians to get used to the laid back style we have at Spiral. We treat our customers like house guest not masters. If you wanna be pampered and have your ass kissed go to some corporate crap place but if you wanna have dinner with some cool folks who actually care about you as a person, not just the money your spending then come to Spiral.
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Anytime I see something screech across a room and latch onto someones neck...

...and the guy screams and tries to get it off, I have to laugh, because what is that thing.

I'm still tired and all but I figured that instead of whining about how I have no time I should just learn to manage my time better. Also, I just need to suck it up and get used to being tired. No one ever got anything great done by being well rested.

Tomorrow is Yen's staged reading. I hope to see some of you there. Things really seem to be moving in FW. We've laid the groundworks to start a very cool MicroCinema. Several writers and actors have started eating up at Spiral wanting to talk shop with me. All these people that are involved with film are starting to appear that I've never seen before. I think we have a tight community of artist here and we can make this town something special for indie filmmaking. The folks at Lone Star Film Society have been very proactive in getting in contact with me so I'm proud to have them representing Fort Worth to the fullest. I'll keep you all posted with the haps.

The Gadabout Film Festival came through town. It was pretty damn amazing. They were traveling with a really great fun band called The Kiss Ups and a bunch of self published literature, zines and coloring books by Girls Not Chicks. These are mofos walking the walk. They don't make art and sit around waiting for somebody to show it for them. They take it to the streets, like a musician would and make sure their work gets out into the world. It's very inspiring and I hope to have some work of my own in the next fest. I think indie filmmakers have a lot to learn from this. It's time that we start realizing we can't rely on the industry to throw us a bone every once in a while. We have to make distribution happen for ourselves. Traveling film fest, microcinemas and self distrubution are the wave of the future.

Sorry if this post is kinda boring but I've been replying to emails all day so I'm kind of computered out.

Oh yeah, if you want a neat oppurtunity to be a guest artist on a record being made please visit Go Little Records in the Perfecting the Wave section you can contribute to a record the Jaye Barnes-Luckett is currently making.
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So tired...

All of this being busy is starting to wear on me. I'm tired, my desk is a mess, and I want more time to be creative. But I just can't be right now. Any spare time I have I spend resting or refilling my mind. Spiral is truly a force to be reckoned with and there is no forseeable break in site. It's kind of like having a kid, you can't just say, okay enough of this I'm moving on to something else. Oy vey. I just need to be patient. I know my hard work will pay off later.