Waiting for Waits

Spiral is going great. Amy and I have gotten our schedule down from 16 hours a day to around 12. It's not as bad as it sounds. It's really fun being there and talking to customers and just hanging out in a restaurant that's actually ours. It's hard work but very rewarding. I'm constantly reminded of how I feel while shooting a film. What's so great about this is that it doesn't end and there's no post-production. So all those feelings you have while shooting are constantly on you.

On Thursday Greenpeace came by and hooked some major pieces of equipment to their "Rolling Sunshine" Solar truck. It was really nifty, for the entire lunch rush we were running off energy from the sun. It got me thinking of what it could be like to run lights for a film set like that. They told me it generates enough energy to power the average american household and can store up to four days worth of electricity. Hmmm..it'd be much better than renting a loud ass gas generator.

We got some tantalizing hope filled news regarding Deadroom. Of course I'm not saying anything until we actually know something. It could quite possibly mean nothing but here's hoping. All those damn rejection letters are starting to get to me. However, seeing how things have gone with Spiral have shown me that paying dues is a requirement for any successful adventure. Things just can't be easy, there has to be hurdles. I sent an email to my fellow directors reminding them (by reminding myself) that Deadroom has gone great since the beginning. We've faced some serious issues and every-time we not only got through it but came out above and beyond our means.

Man, I can't wait for Tom Waits' new album. BTW- Medulla is goddamned brilliant. Especially "Where is the Line.". I can't help but feel somewhat vindicated by Bjork's inclusion of beat-boxing on this album. I mean I've grown up with hip-hop and spent most of my life beat-boxing. I still remember the times when people called hip-hop a fad. So it's cool that this element of the culture is being embraced as part of high-art. It's kind of like Warhol embracing Basquiat. Is that a bad comparison? I don't know, it's makes sense in my mind.


Anonymous | 4:48 PM

As you might have gathered from my George W. Bush license plate, I love America. Which brings me to my question: why do you hate America so much? What did terrorists ever do for YOU? I hope your film burns in hell right along with you and your Al-Quaida and Greenpeace brethren.

~ man with George Bush license plate

Anonymous | 4:50 PM

uhm - is that you david?

Anonymous | 10:25 PM

What are you talking about? I don't know what my license plates have on them, but they're most definitely not emblazoned with the moniker of our commander in grief. I'm aghast, I tell you.

BTW JMJ, I've got a Sky Captain t-shirt with your name on it. Actually, it doesn't have your name on it, but it does have your shirt size on the tag.