Same ole

Things are moving along quite nicely. We're staying consistently busy at Spiral. We got one of our first reviews over at FW Weekly: It's a very positive review although a bit condescending toward the issue of Veganism. It's kind of like a guy doing a review of a Gay Bar and constantly insisting that he's straight and not necessarily for Gay Marriage or something like that. Not to mention the fact that I was grossly misquoted in the final paragraph about the waiter thing. Oh well, at least he liked the food and that's what's important right now. Hmm, that last sentence I wrote looks very strange in writing. When you say the words "that's what's" in a sentence it works fine but written down it just looks awkward. Anyway, we also got named one of the Top 14 Vegetarian Restaurants in North American by VegNews magazine. That's pretty damn cool because amongst the other 13 there are some pretty famous restaurants and most of them are real fancy-shmancy. So if you happen to see a copy somewhere check it out.

We got another beam of hope for Deadroom. Unfortunately we won't be able to share any news about it until December. We had a "meeting" last night and it was so much fun hanging out. I really miss those Dallas guys. Oh well, I won't always be this busy with Spiral.

I wish I had more to say but I'm just really worn out from all the hours at Spiral and haven't done much besides be up there. Lucky for me we've got a wonderful crew that it's fun to hang out with. For more interesting blog reading please refer to Yen or David's blog.