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Best of

The Fort Worth Weekly "Best of" issue came out yesterday. Spiral Diner won best Vegetarian and Environmentally Friendly Business. No real surprise there. I feel good in the fact that we're not just the best Vegetarian because we're the only one. Even if this were a city like Austin we would still hold the title because we work hard to make sure all of our food is the best it can be. Even though we have a built in customer base we don't rest on mediocrity.

There was one surprise awaiting me in the pages of this issue. I was voted peoples choice for Best Local Filmmaker. This was strange because I had no idea anyone besides family and friends follow my career. However, that may be the explanation. Maybe my friends and family are the only ones who voted. Either way it's really cool and now I have to really live up to my title.

I've been really getting into the mood to write again. I think things are starting to smooth out at the Diner so I'll actually be able to take some time and do so. David and Yen are always a big inspiration to me because they get so much writing done. Especially David. His scripts are so well written. He really has taken the art of screenwriting to a whole 'nother creative level. His scripts are literary in a way that I've never seen. A piece of work that stands on it's own even if they are never interpreted in to a film. His latest example of this is "Henry Lee." A period piece set in the old west that is decidedly un-western. I really love the story and will have more thoughts once I sit down and read it again.

Finally made it out to see "Brown Bunny" and I liked it a lot. Way too much has been made of the blow job scene. I mean, it was clearly done in an experimental sense but it still had a place in the story. It wasn't completely random and definitely isn't what the film as a whole, is about.

I'm happy to say that Fort Worth will finally have a true venue for art house cinema. Albeit, a small one. Very small in fact. A fine group of people including myself are starting a MicroCinema. I'll be back soon with more details.

Yen's fine new script "Pit Stop" has a website and a staged reading scheduled for Wed. October 8. Please check the website and attend the reading.
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Same ole

Things are moving along quite nicely. We're staying consistently busy at Spiral. We got one of our first reviews over at FW Weekly: http://www.fwweekly.com/issues/2004-09-15/cafereviewed.asp. It's a very positive review although a bit condescending toward the issue of Veganism. It's kind of like a guy doing a review of a Gay Bar and constantly insisting that he's straight and not necessarily for Gay Marriage or something like that. Not to mention the fact that I was grossly misquoted in the final paragraph about the waiter thing. Oh well, at least he liked the food and that's what's important right now. Hmm, that last sentence I wrote looks very strange in writing. When you say the words "that's what's" in a sentence it works fine but written down it just looks awkward. Anyway, we also got named one of the Top 14 Vegetarian Restaurants in North American by VegNews magazine. That's pretty damn cool because amongst the other 13 there are some pretty famous restaurants and most of them are real fancy-shmancy. So if you happen to see a copy somewhere check it out.

We got another beam of hope for Deadroom. Unfortunately we won't be able to share any news about it until December. We had a "meeting" last night and it was so much fun hanging out. I really miss those Dallas guys. Oh well, I won't always be this busy with Spiral.

I wish I had more to say but I'm just really worn out from all the hours at Spiral and haven't done much besides be up there. Lucky for me we've got a wonderful crew that it's fun to hang out with. For more interesting blog reading please refer to Yen or David's blog.
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Waiting for Waits

Spiral is going great. Amy and I have gotten our schedule down from 16 hours a day to around 12. It's not as bad as it sounds. It's really fun being there and talking to customers and just hanging out in a restaurant that's actually ours. It's hard work but very rewarding. I'm constantly reminded of how I feel while shooting a film. What's so great about this is that it doesn't end and there's no post-production. So all those feelings you have while shooting are constantly on you.

On Thursday Greenpeace came by and hooked some major pieces of equipment to their "Rolling Sunshine" Solar truck. It was really nifty, for the entire lunch rush we were running off energy from the sun. It got me thinking of what it could be like to run lights for a film set like that. They told me it generates enough energy to power the average american household and can store up to four days worth of electricity. Hmmm..it'd be much better than renting a loud ass gas generator.

We got some tantalizing hope filled news regarding Deadroom. Of course I'm not saying anything until we actually know something. It could quite possibly mean nothing but here's hoping. All those damn rejection letters are starting to get to me. However, seeing how things have gone with Spiral have shown me that paying dues is a requirement for any successful adventure. Things just can't be easy, there has to be hurdles. I sent an email to my fellow directors reminding them (by reminding myself) that Deadroom has gone great since the beginning. We've faced some serious issues and every-time we not only got through it but came out above and beyond our means.

Man, I can't wait for Tom Waits' new album. BTW- Medulla is goddamned brilliant. Especially "Where is the Line.". I can't help but feel somewhat vindicated by Bjork's inclusion of beat-boxing on this album. I mean I've grown up with hip-hop and spent most of my life beat-boxing. I still remember the times when people called hip-hop a fad. So it's cool that this element of the culture is being embraced as part of high-art. It's kind of like Warhol embracing Basquiat. Is that a bad comparison? I don't know, it's makes sense in my mind.