Why I Hate Religion

This is so fucking scary. Everyone please read this article and recommit yourself to the idea that WE CAN NOT JUST SIT BACK AND COMPLAIN ANYMORE. WE HAVE TO GET OUT AND MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN.
Article III, Section 2 and the Wobbly Wall Between Church and State
by Maureen Farrell
"Whatever else it achieves, the presidential campaign of 2000 will be remembered as the time in American politics when the wall separating church and state began to collapse." -- New York Times Magazine, Jan. 30, 2000

Full article here.

UPDATE: Someone somewhere must have a link up to this entry because I keep getting a lot of fiery anonymous comments from religion haters out there. I try not to make a habit of allowing comments without some ownership by the author when they contain such strong words. So just an FYI, while I do appreciate your comments, please don't leave them incognito. Thanks!


rob2e | 3:42 PM

I hate religion. I hate religious nutjobs. I don’t believe in the lord. If my belief system is wrong, may I be struck by ligh–shit I’m blind. I’M BLIND! Oh wait, no, I just had my eyes closed. I hate religion and all it stands for. God (which I only capitalize because it is the first word in this sentence) is an imaginary friend for adults. Religion is a crutch for the weak minded and the biggest killer of man on Earth. Or is that just me?

Emily | 5:35 PM

No, rob2e, its not just you, and more and more people are starting to realize what you just said. Thank 'God'.

Anonymous | 11:45 PM

god is dead.

... or I guess more accurately, god is dying.

Samtrich | 3:56 PM

rob2e couldnt agree more.
really love the no capitals when refering to god.
i am doing a speech in my english class on why religion really shits me!!!!!!