Stress and Inspiration

David handed me a book and said you have to direct this. I’ll write the script but you have to direct it. To me that’s a huge compliment. David is quite an astute critic and knowing he has the confidence in me to adapt such a work is very fulfilling. In fact it has reignited my feigning drive for filmmaking. Not that I was thinking of giving up or anything. I’m just really tired lately. Lots of long days filled with stress over getting the new restaurant open, plus the general elevated level of anxiety over how fucked up America has gotten. In thinking of my friends going to protest at the RNC it pains me to know that we’ve allowed our land of the free to become so close to a police state that they can arrest you just for being at a protest, or how the house passed a bill saying the Supreme court can’t hear a case that challenges the Marriage Protection Act. What the fuck? Traitors and every one of them should be jailed for terrorism. Our constitution guarantees a checks and balance system and yes seperation of church and state. You can’t just throw that out the window. If the Senate passed this (which they won’t) that would set a precedent meaning they could pass any law (like declaring Christianity the official religion) and no one would be able to challenge it in court.

Anyway, I finally found some time to sit down and read the book David gave me. It is pure genius. I mean really fucking good. At first I wasn’t sure where it was going or why David insisted that I should be the one to direct it. Then about half way through I got to it. Brilliant. I am going to make this movie someday. I have purposefully left out the name of the book because I don’t want to jinx it and I don’t want anyone to steal our idea and buy the rights to it before we do. I’m about a third of the way through now and I’m already picking out actors, planning locations, and developing the visual style. All this is rather futile considering it will be quite a few years before I have the clout to gather a budget for such a project. Planning never hurts.


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One word replies are so frustrating, but that about sums it up.


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gurl! you'll have to tell me in person what book this is...cytan8