Falling in the Dark

Crawford was great. Beautiful actually. It pains me that such a vile man can vacation in that beautiful country while others suffer due to his policies. The F-9/11 screening was great. The set up was pretty amazing. They had an actual Theater screen attached to a giant blow-up frame and a van that had been converted to a projection booth. It was so sweet. All this was sponsored by the Alamo Drafthouse whom apparantly does this sort of thing all the time (not specifically for F-9/11 but outdoor screenings in general.) There were 3000-5000 people in attendence. I was glad to see several Bush supporters actually come inside to watch the screening versus the 20 or so who just stood outside with signs like "Moore Liberal B.S." or "No Moore Lies." I wonder if any of them had even bothered to watch the film. Some poeple resorted to handing out flyers about about the "59 deceits of F-9/11" (there is a great website that rebukes these here.) There were rednecks driving around in huge big-tire 4x4s with self-made Bush/Cheney signs, staring harshly at all those walking toward the screening. I suppose they were trying to be intimidating. All in all it was a very peaceful, affirming event. Moore himself couldn't make it out of Boston to attend the screening but there were some great speakers there. Please visit the website for the Crawford Peace House, http://www.crawfordpeacehouse.org/index.html, when you have a chance. It's an amazing thing they got going on.

After the screening me, Amy, Curtis, and several other friends went swimming and jumping off water falls in the dark. Actually, I just observed 'cos I didn't feel like soaking my only set of clothes. But everyone else swam and had a great time. We thought for sure Homeland Security would come make us leave but no such event occured. Then on the drive back there was a beautiful electrical storm. There was lightening landing in the fields all around us giving us hints of daytime strength strobe lighting the whole drive. At some points it rained so hard that I just had to drive 10 mph on the highway. Just yesterday Curtis told me that night a bridge on our same route home had collapsed due to river swell. Unfortunately no one knew about it and the rest of the night several cars drove off the bridge in the dark. Dozens died that way.