Deadroom in Filmmaker

Deadroom is in the new issue of Filmmaker Magazine. A pretty amazing feat considering it's the best magazine about Independent Filmmaking in the country. This came about due to an old connection David and I have with the writer Mary Glucksman. It's not much of a connection but in 2001 my short film "The Knocker" was playing at the Deep Ellum Film Festival. Through a set of circumstances David and I ended up having dinner with John Pierson and Mary was there with him. After dinner she passed us her card and said to let her know what we got going on in the future. Well, here it is three years later and Deadroom's what we got going on so we sent her an email. Amazingly she remembered us and said we could send her a media kit and she'd look it over. Well, she liked what she saw and whalla we're in Filmmaker. It's amazing to know that even a fragile connection such as that still means something in this business. Anyway, please pick up a copy at your local newsstand and show your support for a great magazine.

Oh yeah, Deadroom is on IMDb now so if you've seen it please write a review:


Anonymous | 8:41 PM

Ubeknownst to thee, you hung out with John Pierson again two weeks ago.


Anonymous | 3:06 PM

Also related: a full cast list has been added to the IMDB posting.