Sorry I’ve been MIA but holy fucking shitballs have we been busy. I mean busier than we ever could have expected. But I promised myself I wouldn't let this blog fall to the wayside like so many of mine have before so I'm squezzing (sic) in this blurb before I head back up to the diner. We knew we would be busy but we greatly underestimated the amount of staff it would take to handle it. So far I have been at the diner from open to close everyday. This weekend was ridiculous. I mean wer’e so busy that Amy’s Mom, Dad, and both their respective significant others were bussing tables and doing dishes for us most of both days. Even on Tuesday, which is traditionally a pretty slow day in this biz, we did better than our busiest day ever at the stupid rail market. I hope everyone loves their food and the atmosphere. We really do just want to serve great food and provide a cool place to eat it.

Luckily Amy and I were able to take a small dose of chill on Monday and hang out with David, Yen, and Jim. We had a nice dinner and were able to see Jim off proper like. He was our houseguest last week. Unfortunately we didn’t get to do much visiting so I’m glad we found some time to actually sit down and hang out with him. He’s a cool mo-fo. I’m constantly amazed at the group of friends I’ve amassed.